Every day, settlement and transport areas in Germany increase. Increasing sealing and climate change lead to more frequent heavy rainfall events with negative effects for settlements and their inhabitants. For this reason, we at Spieth Ingenieure see the careful use of our natural resources as a matter of course and support you in the development and implementation of holistic concepts. We provide advice on urban development with a sustainable approach to rainwater, regardless of whether it involves new construction or the maintenance or renovation of existing facilities.


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Rainwater Drainage

Where to put the wastewater and rainwater? In order to avoid cost-intensive overloading of sewer networks and sewage treatment plants when there is too much rain, economic and ecologically sensible solutions are needed. 

We at Spieth Ingenieure have made a name for ourselves in infrastructure planning with innovative drainage concepts in order to develop the best possible solution for you depending on the individual conditions on site. This enables us to realise an optimal urban drainage system that takes a holistic view of the water balance and contributes to sustainable water management. 

Stormwater Retention Systems

Retention areas are areas that are deliberately flooded during floods in order to regulate the water levels of the receiving waters. Retention facilities such as rainwater retention basins and storage channels are an important part of flood protection and relieve the burden on the sewer system. In principle, however, all public areas such as squares, green spaces, parks, courtyards and open spaces of public buildings as well as streets can be used as multifunctional retention areas. All that is required is that these areas are planned and designed accordingly. 

At Spieth Ingenieure, we see this as a multidisciplinary task that must bring together all the players involved at an early stage in order to take all the relevant points into account here in urban development and urban land use planning. 

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Cleaning and Clarification systems

One speaks of purification systems when it comes to the purification of wastewater and mixed water in sewage treatment plants or the harmless discharge of rainwater. Rainwater treatment can be achieved by technical systems such as rainwater clarifiers or lamella separators. Decentralised natural treatment by infiltration of rainwater through revitalised soil layers is a cost-effective solution and also reduces wastewater charges. Moreover, by discharging rainwater, groundwater recharge is promoted and the amount of water running off above ground is significantly limited.

At Spieth Ingenieure, we have been ensuring for years that the urban planning of regions prone to flooding offers innovative protection and that rainwater is stored as locally as possible. We also want to contribute to improved quality of life and a healthier urban climate with the required measures.

Sewer rehabilitation

Defective sewers not only pose a threat to our groundwater, but also ensure the functionality of our sewage networks and increase their service life. In the worst case, deposits, blockages and burst pipes can lead to backwater and further damage such as cracks and breaks in the sewer. To avoid this, sewer systems should be checked regularly. 

At Spieth Ingenieure, we have been assisting industrial companies and municipalities with the maintenance and rehabilitation of their existing sewer network for years. Our certified sewer rehabilitation consultants are able to properly identify and analyse damage and develop rehabilitation strategies. We accompany and advise you during the sewer inspection, prepare the planning and tendering and accompany the construction of all necessary repair, rehabilitation and renewal procedures.

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General drainage plans

The general drainage plan serves to comprehensively assess the existing and future hydraulic conditions in the sewer network and is thus an indispensable instrument for every network operator to gain knowledge about the drainage behaviour. This is because, unlike general sewer planning, the general drainage plan (GEP) also includes a pollution load calculation. 

At Spieth Ingenieure, the hydraulic sewer network calculation is carried out using hydrodynamic simulation models. This enables us to identify possible flooding areas and show you conceivable bottlenecks or capacities, as well as sensible network branches and diversions.