The difference lies in the detail

At Spieth Ingenieure, we see every project as a challenge that is always implemented in line with your ideas and wishes. Before we start planning and implementing your building project, our first priority is to provide you with comprehensive advice.

This guarantees that your wishes and ideas are taken into account and translated by us into what is feasible. 
Thanks to our comprehensive expertise and a wealth of experience, we can make a decisive contribution to finding the optimal solution for your task. 

Spieth Ingenieure Services Consulting
Spieth Ingenieure Services Expert reports


Build on traceable data

No one wants to make bad investments, especially when the investment amounts are high. That is why we at Spieth Ingenieure offer you expert opinions on various tasks as part of our group of companies. This provides you with a factually comprehensible, neutral basis for decision-making by independent engineers and thus creates the basis for a safe decision. 

We are also happy to prepare a concept and feasibility study for you. In it, we examine possible solutions, identify risks and assess the prospects of success for your project. By taking into account technical, economic, temporal and also legal aspects, our studies show which approach is the right one to avoid bad investments and to identify risks in advance. The result provides you with a secure basis for the further planning and realisation of your project. 


Preparation is everything

After the detailed consultation and assessment, we at Spieth Ingenieure start with the conception within the framework of a detailed planning. After determining the basis and defining all relevant key data, we create all drawings and documentation. Thanks to a careful determination of requirements, we thus exhaust all potentials for your building project and plan your facilities according to the latest technical rules and standards. 

This is followed by the tendering procedure. This is often a very extensive project, in which we are happy to provide you with formal and substantive support. We prepare the tender documents for you and draw up the bill of quantities as well as the special terms of contract. We invite tenders for the work to be carried out and, after a technical and economic evaluation, draw up a detailed price list, including a recommendation for the award of the contract. 

Spieth Ingenieure Services Planning
Spieth Ingenieure Services Construction Management


We keep your project under control

At Spieth Ingenieure we offer you both site management (Lph. 8 HOAI) and local site supervision.

As site management, we control and manage the entire construction process for you, coordinate the contractors and monitor the schedule. If you only require local construction supervision, we check measurements and invoices for you and monitor the progress of your project.

Thanks to the extensive and long-standing experience of our construction managers, we ensure the highest quality of execution for our clients in all upcoming projects. 


Leave nothing to chance

In order to avoid a cost explosion, we at Spieth Ingenieure primarily pursue consistent monitoring from the very beginning.

Our cost management involves the planning, monitoring and control of all possible and actual costs. In cooperation with the executing companies, we monitor the preparation of measurements and invoices, thus providing you with a transparent overview at all times.

In this way, we ensure that your construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Spieth Ingenieure Services Cost control
Spieth Ingenieure Services Commissioning


Smooth handover

After completion of all work, the technical acceptance and handover of the object takes place.

During commissioning and handover, we at Spieth Ingenieure assist in monitoring and testing the corresponding performance and functionality. In the process, we also clarify the elimination of defects and any outstanding residual services in order to hand over a defect-free construction object to you.

The handover of correct inspection documents, operating instructions, test protocols and instruction documents is also part of this in order to secure all guarantee and warranty claims for you in the future. 


How we achieve your goals

At Spieth Ingenieure we offer you more than just planning and implementation.

We understand every construction project as a holistic task and see its successful implementation at the centre of our range of services. We manage the construction project consistently through all project phases on your behalf. This requires experience and knowledge in the coordination of a large number of project participants in order to achieve the individual project goals in your interest.

Therefore, for us, holistic project management also means actively supporting our clients in project leadership, project management and project controlling. 

Spieth Ingenieure Services Project management