Safeguarding health and prosperity

Protecting people, businesses and communities from flooding places high demands on engineering services. They always require a holistic approach, with the aim of harmonising flood protection with nature conservation and urban development. Careful planning is a significant factor in preserving the quality of our living space as well as protecting the environment.

At Spieth Ingenieure, we understand the interrelationships, know the processes and take an interdisciplinary approach to every project in order to develop customised solutions that combine the needs of people and nature. 


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Spieth Ingenieure Competences Hydraulic engineering Flood protection

Floodcontrol and protection

Today, flood protection is becoming increasingly important in residential areas as well as in industrial conurbations. Not least the dramatic heavy rainfall events of the past few years show how important this topic is and how important it will probably become in the future. Because the more areas are sealed, the greater the need to identify the corresponding hazard areas.  
At Spieth Ingenieure, we use hydrologically based analyses and digital models to simulate runoff processes of water bodies and urban areas. In this way, we create an important planning basis to ensure safe flooding and flood protection for you as well. 

Rinstatement of water bodies

Over the course of time, the natural development of a large number of water bodies has been impeded, primarily by human intervention, in order to realise a wide variety of interests. However, the effects are enormous and usually only visible in the long term. 

We at Spieth Ingenieure have set ourselves the goal of restoring rivers and streams to their natural form and thus achieving comprehensive structural improvements. We also develop concepts for watercourse restoration for your municipality and supervise their implementation. In this way, we also make another important contribution to effective flood protection. 

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