Development of a new salt storage facility, Baltmannsweiler - OT Hohengehren

Project description

The municipality of Baltmannsweiler planned the construction of a new salt warehouse with depot on the outskirts of Hohengehren, as the area of the previous location proved to be ideal for the construction of a new food market and was made available for this measure.

The existing salt storage facility had to be dismantled and rebuilt to the west of the roundabout on the L1150, on the south-western edge of Hohengehren.

A particular challenge of this measure was certainly the limited time window for the construction. The existing salt depot could only be demolished after the gritting period, whereas the new salt depot had to be available again for the following gritting period.

For the new construction of the salt depot, our office planned the entire development such as traffic areas, sewage and rainwater drainage, water supply and media supply (electricity, telecommunication).

The drainage was carried out in a separate system. The sanitary wastewater of the buildings could not be connected to the public sewer system in gravity due to the height conditions. A pump station was required here.  The drainage of the roof areas was carried out via a newly constructed retention area with surface discharge of the throttled water volume into a ditch in the direction of the receiving watercourse (Sandpeterbach). The courtyard area, which is exposed to a higher load than the roof area, was drained via the existing retention basin of the L1150.

Special requirements had to be taken into account when planning the courtyard and traffic areas. On the one hand, the courtyard area is subject to special stresses due to deliveries and operations, and on the other hand, the connection to the existing building with regard to the rated vehicles (towing curves) as well as the height conditions with the sliding gate system was a challenging task to solve.

During the planning phase, close coordination took place with the municipality, but also with the district as the later user of the facility. Furthermore, very intensive coordination with the architect and the construction company of the building was necessary, as both measures had to be realised in parallel hand in hand.

The entire facility was handed over to the clients and users in time for the upcoming 2016 gritting period.


Our achievements in this project


Studies / Concepts

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Project management

Project data

Production costs:
Total costs approx. € 427,993 net.

Key data:
Total area 2,900 m²

Performance period:
01/2015 - 11/2016


  • Baltmannsweiler Municipal Administration, 73666 Baltmannsweiler