New warehouse/administration building Wörwag, Korntal-Münchingen

Project description

In a first construction phase, Wörwag Immobilien GmbH built a new warehouse with an adjoining office building, an underground car park and a truck delivery area with a low yard in the Korntal industrial area, north of Kornwestheimer Straße.

The Gurk architectural office was responsible for the planning of the buildings in this project, our engineering office for the planning of the drainage as well as the traffic and outdoor facilities.

The drainage system is a separate system with a connection to Kornwestheimer Straße. A rainwater retention system was required for the surface water. The traffic facilities were designed for truck traffic. In the north-western area, deliveries are made via an underground courtyard. To the south of the administration building with underground car park, an open space with recreational facilities for employees was planned. The green areas were planned including planting. The entire first construction phase was enclosed with a 2 m high fence and 2 access gates on the east and west sides.


Our achievements in this project


Studies / Concepts

Planning LPH 1 - 4

Planning LPH 5 - 7

Site management / Local supervision Construction Supervis.

Project management

Project data

Production costs:

1st construction phase:

Total costs: approx. € 32.5 million net
Drainage: 460,000 € net
Traffic facilities: approx. 700,000 € net
Open spaces: approx. 470,000 € net

Key data:
1st construction phase:
- Net building land: approx. 11,290 m² - of which
   approx. 4,710 m² traffic area
   approx. 830 m² open space
   approx. 1,395 m² green areas
- 75 m storage sewer DN 2000
- 170 m wastewater sewer DN 300-400
- 240 m storm sewer DN 300-500

Period of performance:
1st construction phase:
03/2017 - 09/2020


  • Wörwag Immobilien GmbH, 70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen