Optimisation of de-icing agent storage/filling at Stuttgart Airport

Project description

Four new tanks (100 m³ each) were built for the storage of liquid surface de-icing fluid, including the necessary plant and electrical engineering for filling the tanks and de-icing fluid vehicles. As a foundation for the four new tanks, an approx. 200 m2 reinforced base plate was constructed. The fluid is stored in the tanks and transported via a new pipe bridge (approx. 70 m long) to two extraction points. In addition, a pipe chain conveyor including a BigBag unloading station and foundation was built in one hall to fill the de-icing fluid vehicles with granulated de-icing fluid stored in BigBags.


Our achievements in this project


Studies / Concepts

Planning LPH 1 - 4

Planning LPH 5 - 7

Site management / Local supervision Construction Supervis.

Project management

Project data

Production costs:
Total costs: approx. € 1.8 million net

Key data:
- Civil engineering and reinforced concrete construction
- Steel and plant construction
- Process and electrical engineering

Period of performance:
01/2017 - 11/2020


  • Airport Stuttgart GmbH, 70624 Stuttgart