Our construction sites are always good for surprises

Hidden vault discovered

As part of the development work for a new urban quarter in Mühlacker, the construction company carrying out the work came across a "hidden" vault.

To make this hidden location visible, our surveying team measured and documented it with our Trimble SX12 3D scanning total station.

Placed in front of each entrance, the total station first had to be stationed via 3 measured GNSS (GPS) points, which in technical jargon is often referred to as "levelling".  It was then scanned into the vault. Thanks to real, built-in 3D scanning technology, around 26,000 points were recorded per second. The station also took measurements in complete darkness and thus created an exact image of the tunnels, the so-called point cloud.

The point cloud and data were analysed using the "Trimble Business Center" software. With the help of the software, spatial expansions of the vault, longitudinal sections and also cross-sections became visible and 3D models and photo documentation could be created, which gave the construction company carrying out the work the opportunity to approach the vault "from above".