Redevelopment Haldenstraße, Baltmannsweiler

Project description

The municipality of Baltmannsweiler planned the basic extension of Haldenstraße from Reichenbacher Straße to Karlstraße over a length of approx. 170 m. The planned redevelopment area is located south of the town centre and borders Karlstraße to the east and Reichenbacher Straße to the west. The construction measure involved earthworks, civil engineering and road construction works as well as pipe delivery and pipe laying works. Access to the construction site was via Reichenbacher Straße from the west and via Karlstraße from the east. Delivery traffic had to be guaranteed as far as possible. The reconstruction of Reichenbacher Straße at the junction with Haldenstraße was carried out under half-way closure with traffic lights. The necessary areas had to be kept free for individual traffic. The access routes (e.g. for the fire brigade, emergency services) and the entrances to the buildings had to be kept clear and accessible at all times. It was important to note that there was a kindergarten at Haldenstraße 22 (east of the redevelopment area), which could be reached on foot from the centre of the village via Haldenstraße. Access and driveways to the kindergarten had to be kept clear at all times. The work in the intersection area of Haldenstraße/Karlstraße therefore had to be carried out during the kindergarten holidays. Since the road was fully rehabilitated due to the damage to the roadway and we assume a service life of at least another 30 to 40 years after the rehabilitation, it was very important to consider the pipes located in the area of the roadway as well. Based on the results of the EKVO, the sewer was classified in damage classes to be rehabilitated (damage classes 0 and 1) and was renewed using the open cut method. The water pipe dates back to 1938 and had to be repaired several times due to numerous pipe bursts in the past years. Therefore, it was decided with the municipal administration to also renew the water pipe including the house connection pipes in the course of this measure.


Our achievements in this project


Studies / Concepts

Planning LPH 1 - 4

Planning LPH 5 - 7

Site management / Local supervision Construction Supervis.

Project management

Project data

Production costs:
Total costs: approx. € 575,000 gross

Key data:

combined sewer DN300 (approx. 70 m) / DN400 (approx. 100 m) / DN500 (approx. 10 m)
Water pipe DN100 GGG approx. 170 m, house connections Württemberger system
New construction of shaft hydrants 2.0 m x 2.0 m (2 pieces)
Asphalt surfaces approx. 1,000 m², granite curbs approx. 360 m
New construction of street lighting

Period of performance:
08/2014 - 12/2015


  • Municipality of Baltmannsweiler, 73666 Baltmannsweiler