Sewer rehabilitation in closed construction, Gingen an der Fils

Project description

The municipality of Gingen planned the rehabilitation of the existing sewers in Ebereschenweg, Ulmenweg and Birkenweg and commissioned our company with the planning, tendering and constructional implementation of the measure. The sewer rehabilitation included the installation of DN 300 GRP pipe liners in 12 sewer stops, the integration of approx. 75 lateral connections by means of sewer robots and the rehabilitation of the manhole channels. Furthermore, a drainage control concept was created. The project was handled and managed by our certified sewer rehabilitation consultant. The measure was completed on time and without defects in October 2019 and the specified budget was completely adhered to. The sewer rehabilitation work was carried out by the company Aarsleff Rohrsanierung GmbH, Stuttgart branch.


Our achievements in this project


Studies / Concepts

Planning LPH 1 - 4

Planning LPH 5 - 7

Site management / Local supervision Construction Supervis.

Project management

Project data

Production costs:
Total costs: € 125,500 gross

Key data:
- Installation of GRP pipe liner DN 300 in 12 sewer stops (approx. 450 m).
- Integration of approx. 75 lateral connections by means of sewer robots.
- Rehabilitation of the manhole channels.

Period of performance:
Planning 12/2018 - 11/2019


  • Municipality of Gingen an der Fils, 73333 Gingen an der Fils