"Steinäcker East" industrial estate - junction connection to the L1180

Project description

The municipality of Friolzheim planned and realised the development of the 2.0 ha "Steinäcker Ost" industrial estate via a junction connection to the existing L1180 Leonberger Straße road. For this purpose, the L1180 road was widened on one side and a left turn type LA2 was designed according to RAL. The planning was coordinated in advance with the Karlsruhe Regional Council and the Enzkreis District Office. The new connection was to be at the level of the existing junction of the existing service road. This was built over as a result of the planned development and used as a new access road to the industrial estate. The junction connection was planned with a drop solution and the existing crossing aid on the L1180 was retained. The access road was built for use as a commercial area access road with lorries and articulated lorries with a turning loop. The existing service road to the south of the planning area still had to be accessible for fire engines and agricultural vehicles and was connected to the existing road network via the new commercial access road. In the commercial area, car parking spaces with a footpath connection to the existing path network via a staircase were realised at the end of the access road. The existing shared cycle path and footpath to the south of the L1180 was routed to the existing crossing aid and then to the northern side of the L1180 in the direction of Heimersheim. The technical design of the access road within the planned commercial area as well as the junction connection of the access road to the L1180 with a new left-turn lane and the relocation of the cycle path and footpath as a result of the one-sided widening of the L1180 had to be planned.


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Project management

Project data

Production costs:
Node incl. road: approx. 365,330 € gross

Key data:
Total area: 2.0 ha

Performance period:
10/2013 - 07/2015


  • KBB GmbH, 76532 Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Municipality of Friolzheim, 71292 Friolzheim